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English: Logo of the PlayStation VIta.

English: Logo of the PlayStation VIta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sony’s PlayStation Vita just celebrated its year anniversary and is looking to slash its sales by 3 million due to the company’s drop in their year to year sales by 15% for the system’s hardware and software. The PS Vita and PSP are one in the same in the market but the combine systems was not enough to off set the forecast for the 3 million forecast set last year. Here’s hoping the PS vitas picks up with the coming of new software in the months ahead.


PlayStation brand logo

PlayStation brand logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the save the date PlayStation event on Feb. 20 all the blogs and gaming sites are hoping for the unveiling of the company’s new home console PlayStation 4. However there’s been no conformation on what this event might present from Sony but the rumor mill is ablaze. Then there’s the cost off this new console the rumored specs have been floating around since the concept of the system been announced. Sony’s system is poised to be a powerful machine but at what cost to the consumer, many are hoping for a 400-450 price range. The future seems aglow for the PlayStation 4 for now and the world will be watching on Feb 20.